10 creative Christmas dinner ideas

For several decades, the nut roast was always the go-to Christmas meal for anyone who didn’t eat meat – but considering the vegetarian and vegan movements have skyrocketed in recent years, you might want to consider getting a bit more creative…

Seitan is a plant-based food made from wheat gluten, and it just so happens to make one of the most convincing (and healthiest) mock-meat alternatives. Packed with protein and with zero cholesterol, you can make seitan yourself from scratch – and if you’re looking for a vegan Christmas main that will also satisfy people who love meat, it’s a great choice.

You can buy seitan from many vegan and wholefood shops both in person and online – such as on The Vegan Kind Supermarket’s website here.

This stuffed ‘no turkey’ seitan roast by Avant Garde Vegan looks absolutely beautiful, and luckily, it also tastes just as good. The roast seitan is packed with flavour and has a chewy, meaty texture. It’s then filled with sage and apple stuffing, and finally wrapped in veggie bacon.

While it may be a bit technical to make if you’ve never made seitan before, you can see how to prepare it step-by-step in the video below. Or, to find out more about making your own seitan, you might want to read this guide by Yup It’s Vegan.

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