10 different sports and activities to try

Learning a martial art is something you might not have considered, but if you give it a go, you might be surprised. You don’t have to be “tough” to practice martial arts – you just need to be patient, dedicated and enthusiastic. Aside from the physical benefits, like improved strength and agility, learning a martial art can also boost your confidence, improve focus and stillness, and instil important morals and values. Many martial arts have a strong focus on mental wellbeing and are deeply linked to eastern culture and history, and there’s lots of emphasis on mutual respect. Because there are many different forms of martial arts, it can be tricky deciding which one to try, especially if you’re totally new to these sports.

If you want a gruelling, physical workout, kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) will certainly be a challenge. Karate and taekwondo focus just as much on self-discipline and self-control as fitness and strength. Ju-jitsu can be a tough, close-contact combat sport, with a focus on self defence. Judo is one of the most accessible martial arts (Judo means ‘gentle way’ in Japanese) and can be taken up by people of all different physical abilities.

If you’re still unsure which martial art you want to try, then it’s worth having a watch of this YouTube video, which will talk you through how to choose the right martial art for you. You can also find out more by contacting your local martial arts schools or enquiring at your local gym or leisure centre.

Whilst many classes may not be running as normal due to social distancing rules, there’s nothing to stop you enquiring about classes and even getting started with some training for when things return to normal.

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