10 everyday activities that can help you stay in the present moment

With plenty of smells, sounds, and tastes to enjoy throughout, cooking can be a great way to focus your mind on the present moment. Many of us find ourselves rushing the process in an attempt to simply get through it and move on to either the eating part, or one of many other tasks that we busy ourselves with during the daily grind.

However, taking the time to fully engage in an act of self-care like cooking, can not only distract you from any racing thoughts, but it can also give you a real sense of accomplishment. There’s something very satisfying about sitting down to enjoy a meal that you put real thought and care into – especially if it tastes great!

Next time you go to cook a meal, try to approach it as a mindfulness exercise. Whether you’re following a recipe, preparing your ingredients, or stirring your onions whilst they sizzle away in the pan, try to focus wholly on each step of the process. Think about each utensil that you are using – what does it do? How useful is it to the process? You can also taste test your food along the way, focusing on the texture and flavours.

Cooking can also be a colourful process, so consider how all the ingredients contrast with, or complement, each other based on colour. By having complete focus on each part of the cooking process, you’ll hopefully be able to find yourself really living in the moment and enjoying the journey just as much as the destination.

If you’re unsure how to get started with mindful cooking, then Headspace has a free five-minute exercise that you can try, here. It also offers three helpful techniques that you can use to bring greater awareness to your cooking sessions.

You might also find it helpful to hear more about mindful cooking from someone who teaches it. Lina Mbirkou is a Mindful Coach. She discusses some of the benefits of mindful cooking in the video below…

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