10 flowering houseplants to brighten up your home this winter

Peace lilies are elegant, ethereal plants that have a real presence in any room they are placed in. They have large, glossy green leaves, and huge fragrant white flowers – which are spoon-shaped (and referred to as spathes). These flowers can bloom in spring and autumn, lasting for a couple of months each time.

Over the years, peace lilies have had many different meanings, but most commonly they are seen as a symbol of peace, healing, purity and hope. The big white flowers are synonymous with the symbol of the white flag, which is recognised all over the world, as a signal of truce. For this reason, some people send it as a gift to people that they want to make peace with, to mark the start of a new friendship.

These stunning plants, which originate from the tropical rainforests of Columbia and Venezuela, are flexible when it comes to light. They are likely to flower more in a brighter spot, but are also quite happy in most conditions. If your bathroom is fairly light, then this could be a great place to keep your peace lily, as they thrive in humidity.

While peace lilies do appreciate regular watering, they are fairly resilient and can bounce back from missed watering really well. You only need to water them when the top inch of the soil feels dry – the timing of which can vary from household to household, depending on how warm your home is during the winter.

If you need further convincing over whether this plant is for you, then you might be interested to know that NASA have also named the peace lily on their list of top-rated indoor plants, because of their ability to improve indoor air quality! Just make sure that every now and then, you wipe the leaves with a soft, damp cloth, to their oxygen-releasing pores from becoming blocked. This helpful guide from ProFlowers will explain more about how to care for your peace lily.

Note: Peace lilies are toxic to both humans and animals if ingested – so be sure to keep them away from pets or small children.

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