10 money-saving recipes made from leftover foods

Whether you made a big chilli the night before or ordered too much Indian takeaway, rice is one of the most common leftover foods. Fortunately, there are dozens of delicious recipes that help you use it up.

Because it’s so cheap, quick, and delicious, fried rice is one of the very best leftover rice recipes – plus, it’s also incredibly versatile. You can throw in almost any food you have sitting in the fridge and it’ll still taste great.

If you have eggs to use up, why not make a traditional egg fried rice dish? Vegetables like spring onions, spinach, peas, peppers, and courgettes all work really well in fried rice, and if you have any leftover meat in the fridge, you can add that in too. Similarly, if you have any tofu or mock-meat type products, they work just as well. To add extra flavour, you can add pretty much any condiment: soy sauce, sweet chilli, sriracha, sesame oil, oyster sauce… even ketchup can work!

For a super simple egg fried rice recipe that uses only five ingredients, why not check out this recipe by Kitchen at Hoskins? Or to see how versatile fried rice can be, have a watch of the video below, which shows you eight simple ways to cook fried rice.

Note: Leftover rice should always be stored and reheated properly to make sure that it’s safe to eat. The NHS has issued some helpful guidance on this here, which is worth a read.

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