10 things you can grow in a window box at home

Fresh, peppery, and crunchy, radishes can transform salads and sandwiches – and the good news is that this root vegetable fares brilliantly on window boxes.

Radishes are resilient plants, and can cope with poor weather very well. Plus, they only need around three to four hours of sunlight a day, so if your window sill isn’t in the sunniest spot, radishes might be a smart choice.

There are many different types of radishes – so if you think they’re all red and round, think again! You can get yellow, purple, oblong. and cylinder-shaped radishes. Although, the ones that are best suited to window containers are the April Cross, Bunny Tail, Cherry Belle, and Champion varieties.

If you’re growing them in window boxes, these plants are best sown from April – and you can expect your first radishes to appear just four to six weeks after planting. Radishes don’t require much feeding, but they can’t cope with waterlogging, so try to maintain a consistent level of moisture in the soil.

If you want to enjoy radishes all year round, then you could consider growing them inside on a window sill.

To learn more about growing radishes in window boxes, have a read of this article by Gardena, or watch the video below.

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