11 free online puzzles and games to tease your brain

As the bespoke URL name suggests, Chess.com is the internet’s hub for all things chess. Chess.com’s simple and refined interface allows players to compete online against opponents around the world. To make each game as interesting and sporting as possible, players are matched by their skill level.

Chess.com also offers a variety of ‘training bots’ to play against. These bots have different difficulty levels and play styles – such as more defensive bots, bots with unique tactics, and bots that adapt in real-time to keep you on your toes when you’re doing well and cut you some slack when you’re not. You can even play against simulations of real-world chess masters, if you fancy a real challenge!

The website also hosts a number of different chess puzzles – where the aim is to solve your way out of different chess situations. There are various modes to try here, including player-VS-player puzzle battles, puzzle rush (where you have three or five minutes to solve as many puzzles as you can), and even practice drills.

Other things to get involved in on Chess.com include community features, live streamed games, tournaments, and even four-player chess, to name only a few. To get started, you can visit the Chess.com website, or download the free app on the Google Play or Apple App Stores.

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