11 garden checklist ideas for November

Autumn and winter can be a tough time for wildlife, including birds and hedgehogs. They’ll need to stay warm and well-fed in order to survive, and this can be a real struggle.

Hedgehogs may go into hibernation anytime between October and December depending on how mild the temperature is. To prepare for this, they will often start eating more and building a nest.

If you want to help hedgehogs this autumn, you could consider installing a hedgehog house in your garden and providing them with food (wet cat and dog food or crushed cat biscuits are good options). To find out more, check out this British hedgehog guide from Country Living.

Birds don’t tend to hibernate during the colder months of the year. But they’ll usually eat more to build up fat reserves and find somewhere to roost (rest). To give them somewhere to roost, you could add a bird box to your garden. You could also install a bird feeder and keep it regularly topped up with high-fat foods, like sunflower seeds and mealworms.

Birds need water for drinking and bathing during winter too (bathing is essential for keeping their feathers in good condition). So, giving them a fresh supply of clean water in a birdbath can be a big help. The RSPB has more information and advice on birds and water here.

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