11 important health checks for over 50s

Due to the recent pandemic, there may be extended waiting times for certain appointments and screenings, so if you haven’t received a letter that you’re expecting, try not to worry. You can call your GP to arrange a health check or screening, but do be aware that the current waiting time for non-urgent referrals is up to 18 weeks. You can find out more about NHS waiting times here.

While it’s important to be aware of risk factors, and to get any potential issues checked out as soon you notice them, when it comes to health, prevention is always better than cure. Many of the most common health problems and diseases can be avoided by making lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol and losing weight (if you’re overweight). Making sure you get regular exercise, eat lots of fresh fruit and veg, and cut back on sugary, processed foods also goes a long way in boosting your overall health, and reducing the likelihood of developing certain diseases.

To get inspired to eat a healthier diet, you can head over to the Food & Drink section of our site to find some delicious, health-boosting recipes – or for something more specific, check out our articles, 12 healthy recipe ideas and 10 popular diets to try.

To find out more about nutrition and make sure you’re eating a healthy diet, you might also want to check out our guides to specific vitamins and minerals, like iron, omega 3, vitamin D, and vitamin B12.

If you need a dose of motivation to get moving, why not check out our Healthy Body section, where you can find out about low-impact exercises like tai chi and power walking? Or alternatively, you can discover fun and varied exercise classes that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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