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Can you play a musical instrument? Have you ever thought about teaching someone else to play and giving them the gift of music?

You don’t need a degree to offer students private music lessons – some of the best musicians in history didn’t or don’t have music degrees. But you need to be fully competent in playing the instrument that you want to teach, as well as being patient and able to communicate ideas and concepts clearly.

While you need to be a competent musician, you don’t need to be a concert pianist, as it’s more important that you are able to help, explain, and coach others to succeed, than it is to be a world-class player yourself.

Music tutors teach students how to play an instrument by teaching them about posture, finger placement, theory, and music in a way that they can easily understand. They’ll also help to reinforce positive habits to make playing the instrument become second nature.

Students will usually have musical goals that they are looking to aspire to and, as a music tutor, it’ll be up to you to help them achieve that!

The easiest and most efficient way to start a career as a music teacher is to think about who you know – do any of your friends know someone who is looking for a music tutor? People usually rate tutors on how at ease they make the student feel and how much they managed to learn – so it usually isn’t long before students who find success with you, start recommending you to other people in their network.

However, it’s also worth listing yourself as a music tutor on websites such as First Tutors or creating a Facebook page advertising your services, so that clients can look you up. You could also place business cards or flyers in local cafes, community areas and schools.

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