11 ways to build a wildlife-friendly garden

Whether you love or hate insects and minibeasts, they’re a vital part of our ecosystem. Not only do they act as food for birds, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, bats, and fish, but they’re also involved in pollination – turning flowers into fruit – and help to keep our environment clean by breaking down plants and animals after they die.

Insects and minibeasts, like other animals, need somewhere to shelter, raise their young, and store food. So, one way you could help them is by opening a 5-star bug hotel!

Bug hotels usually consist of a strong, stable structure that’s stuffed with natural materials – such as sticks, bricks, and straw – to create plenty of warm, dry hidey holes for insects of various sizes.

For insects and minibeasts who like to burrow into decaying wood (like centipedes and woodlice), you could also create a log pile in a shady area of your garden and stuff gaps with dead leaves to make it more snug. You can find out more about building bug hotels in this guide from Woodland Trust.

You can also help solitary bees by building (or buying) a bee hotel for female bees to lay their eggs, which is made of lots of hollow stems. These steps from The Wildlife Trusts will show you how.

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