12 fun and creative projects that you can do at home

Everyone loves a candle…particularly scented ones that fill your home with lovely seasonal smells throughout the year – fresh flowers and citrus scents in summer, and pine, berries, and cinnamon in winter.

Candles also add a cosy ambiance to your home and make it feel that bit more welcoming. But good quality candles can be expensive, which is why learning to make them is a fun and surprisingly useful project. Not only will making your own candles save you money, but because candles are endlessly customisable, they can make the most wonderfully thoughtful gifts too.

You might be surprised at how easy it is to make candles from scratch. For basic, non-scented candles, all you need to buy is wax, wicks, and a container. If you want to add scent and colour, you can also pick up a fragranced oil and some dye.

The process is simple: place your wick in an appropriate container (old jars are handy for this, but you can also use old candle containers). Melt your wax in a pot on a hot stove (be careful here – spilling hot wax can be messy and painful). Once it’s melted, add your oils and dye. Then, simply pour into your container and let it cool.

Once you know how to do this, your home will be sweet smelling – and you’ll always have lovely, personalised gifts available to surprise loved ones with. For more detailed instructions, click here, or watch the video below.

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