12 new skills that you can learn from home and how to get started

If you spend a lot of time at home, it can be helpful to declutter and organise your surroundings in a way that allows you to keep a clear mind and feel less overwhelmed.

For example, if you can never find anything in your wardrobe and things fall out every time you open it, then this can make you far more likely to avoid your wardrobe altogether. And before you know it, it’s 2pm and you’re still sitting in your pyjamas! The more organised we are, the less likely we’ll be to procrastinate.

Organising your living space can also help to pass the time, and seeing the results of your work can help you to gain a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. You could also consider taking before and after photos of any particularly disorganised rooms or spaces, so you can see what you’ve achieved.

If you’re looking for some cleaning and home organisation tips and inspiration, you might find some of the resources below useful:

Marie Kondo

Organising consultant Marie Kondo has a great Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which shows people how to let go of the things they no longer need, so they can feel happier and freer.

If you’re someone who tends to hoard or finds sentimental value in absolutely everything, then this could be a great show for you.

Mrs Hinch

Sophie Hincliffe – also known as Mrs Hinch – became a social media sensation when she began sharing her innovative cleaning and organising tips on her Instagram page.

Her tips are now used by “Mrs Hinchers” around the country, who say that they are now seeing cleaning in a whole new way. It’s worth checking out the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook, where over half a million people share cleaning tips and tricks inspired by Mrs Hinch herself.

Stacey Solomon

Loose Woman Stacey Soloman has recently been recognised for sharing tips on how to organise and make the most of spaces at home.

She offers demonstrations on her Instagram page on how to organise everything from batteries to pots and pans, through to the food in your fridge.

Take an online organising and decluttering course

You could also consider taking an organising or decluttering course online to develop your knowledge further and learn how to help others develop these skills. You may even decide that a career as a professional organiser or declutterer is for you.

Udemy offers a selection of organising and decluttering courses, including Tidy up Your Home: The KonMari Method, which is created by Marie Kondo herself. A series of lectures run by Marie and her assistants will show you a number of decluttering techniques which are applicable to many areas of life.

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