12 Things to Avoid While Gambling in the Casino

Las Vegas may be called Sin City by some, but the Las Vegas casinos still operate within clearly defined rules. As a casino guest, it’s expected that you hold yourself to the same standard.

Don’t stress if you’ve got an upcoming Las Vegas trip planned; there’s no need to walk on pins and needles. You merely need to behave like a responsible adult and be courteous to others.

Unfortunately, that’s not straightforward enough for some people. So, I’m going to break it down like this; try and of these 12 actions to get kicked out of the casino.

Some of these admittedly don’t fall under the umbrella of what should be considered poor behavior. That won’t necessarily stop the casino from sending you packing.

1 – Trying to Cheat

No Cheating Red Symbol, Keno NumbersThis should go without my saying, but don’t try to cheat the casino or other players. If you’re cheating or trying to cheat in the casino, you’ll get caught.

Once that happens, you’re banned from the casino, any sister properties, and possibly every casino in town. Furthermore, you may face serious criminal charges up to a felony.

That’s an entirely different can of worms and won’t be as simple as never going back to Nevada.

Rest assured that this includes any form of dealer collusion or shenanigans at the poker table. Play the games as designed or face the wrath of casino security.

2 – Loitering at the Tables

Whether they aren’t much of a gambler or they’ve burned through their bankroll and are waiting on friends, I see many people hang out at casino tables.

Many of them are harmless and know to stay behind the players without impeding the flow of the game. Yet, I’ve seen non-players set up camp by claiming a chair and begin holding court with other players.

Not only is this a significant distraction for the players, but it may also be confusing for dealers. You don’t want to stop down the game mid-hand because you were dealt in on the hand.

More importantly, the casinos aren’t going to tolerate you taking up a chair that could be occupied by a guest who is ready to spend some money. You aren’t likely to be tossed out as a first-time offender, but it could quickly devolve into that.

3 – Treat the Staff With Disrespect

Any disrespect to the casino staff directly will be grounds for immediate removal. Casinos have pockets full of cash pouring through the door regularly and won’t think twice about bouncing you.

You should treat every person you come into contact with as an equal. Start flexing your arrogance on wait staff, dealers, pit bosses, security, or fellow players, and it’ll be the exit signs.

This is super easy stuff; I’d almost prefer the abusive behavior to be on par with cheating in the casino. However, I don’t make the rules; I merely do my best to adhere to them.

4 – Photos Are Strictly Forbidden

Your smartphone can get you in trouble in plenty of different ways in the casino. That’s why it’s best to leave it in the room and catch up on your social media after your session.

I’ve witnessed people being dragged from the tables without their chips for refusing to hang up and pay attention to the game. I also watched the dealer repeatedly ask the foolish guest to end their call no fewer than five times.

Taking pictures is a hot-button issue for casinos. We live in a connected world, and players want to share their Vegas getaway with their social media friends.

I understand that, but the casino staff may give you the boot for taking pictures at the tables. Besides, there are no less than 10,000 better places in Las Vegas to take photos than the casino floor.

5 – Stroll in With the Family Dog

Most casinos aren’t going to allow pets of any kind. Some may allow guests to have pets in their room, but certainly not on the casino floor.

You absolutely cannot have your tiger in the room, so don’t even think about trying to recreate the scene from “The Hangover.”

Before some of you start sending angry e-mails, I specifically stated that pets are not allowed. You and your service dog are both welcome to enjoy the casinos at your discretion.

However, you’ll need more documentation than an Amazon receipt for Fido’s “Service Animal” vest.

6 – Acting Like a Jackwagon

Have too much to drink, and your best option is to head up to the room. Casino staff will have little tolerance for any drunks that decide to add disorderly.

I don’t know many people that are instantly more universally despised than the belligerent drunk. When you add the other players to the mix that are also enjoying comped drinks and the sting of losing money to the casino, things may become volatile.

So, the casino won’t waste much time ushering you out of the casino. The more you begin to protest, the worse things are going to get for you.

You do not want to go to jail in Sin City. They used to have a reality show following people as they were booked in and sent to their holding cells, which looks horrible.

Definitely not the Las Vegas vacation you’ve been planning for months.

7 – Arguing With the Dealer

Casino Dealer SMHThings don’t always need to be your fault to get the ax. Dealers sometimes make mistakes. When they do, it can be easy to allow your frustrations to boil over.

Don’t do it. Arguing with the dealer about anything will be a one-way ticket out the door.

All they must do is get the pit boss involved, and security will kick you to the curb before you know what hit you.

Keep your cool when a problem arises and allow the pit boss to do their job. Things will almost always be corrected, and you may continue your casino session with no bad blood.

8 – Light Up a Joint

Yes, marijuana is legal in Las Vegas. But that’s only half of the story.

Marijuana use is only permitted in private residences. That means lighting up a doobie poolside, in your hotel room, or at the baccarat table could land you in jail.

Trust me, I’d love to see the keno crowd after a joint’s been passed around, but it’s not in the cards. Of course, the legal landscape is constantly shifting, and that could all change.

For now, marijuana use on casino property remains grounds for removal.

9 – Counting Cards

Remember how I said that not everything that will have you booted from the casino falls on you?

Well, this falls under that category. Card counting is an advantage gambling technique used to gain a mathematical edge on the casino.

That means in the long-term, card counters are able to make a profit from playing blackjack against the casino. Yet, the players aren’t cheating in any way, so it’s perfectly legal.

Despite the legality of card counting, casinos reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Card counters are high on the list.

Casinos understandably don’t want anyone at the tables that have a guaranteed method for making money. A lot of resources are dedicated to discouraging card counters from playing in the casino.

When you’re caught in the act, they may ask you to leave.

10 – Being a Super Sore Loser

Losing is part of casino gambling; there’s not much you can do to avoid losses on the casino floor. It will benefit you to keep in mind that the games are designed for the casino to win.

Starting to lose your cool as the losses pile up is nothing unique. It’s easy to become frustrated and unravel when your bankroll dwindles to nothing.

However, cussing out the dealer, berating your fellow guests, or causing a scene will have you out in the cold. Keep your wits about you and behave like the upstanding members of society I’m sure you all are.

11 – Winning Too Much

Speaking of sore losers, casinos do not like being clobbered at the table games. That’s why there’s a dedicated process to catching or discouraging card counters.

When a player begins to win at a regular rate, it catches the casino’s attention. Casino games are designed to be unbeatable, so the casino may suspect some form of cheating.

Here is another instance of you not doing anything wrong and being escorted off the property. It’s more likely that the casino will merely place a temporary ban on you at the game you’re playing but allow you to stay and play elsewhere.

12 – Not Adhering to the Dress Code

Most U.S. casinos are pretty lax with their dress code. Still, during specific times the “tourist casual” look may not fly.

If your outfit is deemed vulgar, offensive, or simply distracting, the casino may ask you to leave. In most of these cases, you’ll be cleared to return after a wardrobe change.

Check the casino’s website before your trip to ensure that your lucky casino outfit falls within the casino’s guidelines.


It’s relatively easy to be welcomed into the casino and treated like a VIP during your stay. However, try any of these 12 actions to get kicked out of the casino, and they’ll be happy to oblige.

Regardless of how unfair the boot may seem, it’s critical that you keep a level head and go peacefully. You never want to give any indications that you’re going to escalate matters that may get the police involved.

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