14 low impact exercise ideas

Aqua aerobics is a great low impact activity done mostly in waist-deep water. The movements are usually inspired by studio aerobics techniques like jumping jacks, back and forth walking and running, arm movements, and cross-country skiing moves.

Being in the water takes the load off of your legs, feet, and back, and allows you to enjoy a longer workout. Therefore, it’s a popular choice for people with joint problems, chronic pain, or who are recovering from injury. Aqua aerobics is also great for building muscle strength, boosting endurance, and can be made as easy or challenging as you like, for example, by adding wrist and ankle weights.

Classes usually last around an hour with an instructor guiding you through the moves. Often, there’ll be music playing in the background to keep you motivated. If you’d like to give aqua aerobics a go, you can search for a local class on the NHS website.

You don’t have to be a particularly strong swimmer to participate in aqua aerobics classes, as they are often conducted in the shallow end of the pool and buoyancy aids are used when necessary. Although, as with all water-based activities, being a confident swimmer will allow you to feel more comfortable in the pool and get the most from your workout.

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