17 creative ways to increase your daily step count

We all know that doing plenty of walking is good for us. It promotes bone and muscle strength, reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, and improves balance and coordination. Walking also has a powerful effect on mental health, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety, and improve mood. But on days when the weather takes a turn, going out for a walk can be less appealing – making it harder to get our steps in.

Most fitness trackers set a default goal of completing 10,000 steps a day – a figure that many of us have become used to hearing. Though scientifically, it’s yet to be proven exactly which step count goal would be most beneficial for fitness and longevity. However, what we do know is that, in general, moving more is good for our minds and bodies – and aiming to increase your daily step count is a great way to start being more active.

It’s a good idea not to become too focused on reaching the specific 10,000 goal – as some days, this won’t always be realistic and might not reflect other forms of exercise you do, such as cycling or fitness classes. Instead, it could be useful to set your own goals. For example, if you currently walk 400 steps a day, then aim to start by increasing it to 4000 – which is the rough equivalent of around 2 miles. Then you can always build it up over time.

It’s also worth noting that Public Health England and the Royal College of GPs are also encouraging adults to focus on walking briskly, rather than counting steps alone. We recently wrote an introductory guide to power walking, which explains how, with the right technique, you can get a full-body workout by introducing speed and power to your walking style.

If you’re looking to increase your step count in a bid to boost your activity levels, then there are lots of different ways you can do this – and some of them don’t even involve leaving the house! Here are 17 creative ways to increase your steps each day. 

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