17 of the most popular and classic flower arranging styles

The key to understanding the many different styles of floral arrangement is knowing the difference between three types of flower – line, mass, and filler.

Line flowers are tall, and are used to give height to an arrangement. Thinner flowers with long stems work perfectly, but bare branches and other foliage also do the trick for some variation.

Mass flowers, as the name suggests, are the shorter, fuller variety of flowers that give mass to an arrangement. They’re usually round (think roses), and are often colourful too.

Lastly, filler flowers are small flowers and bits of foliage that can be inserted into areas of space in an arrangement to fill it out. Though this is the main way that filler flowers are used in a floral arrangement, they can still be used on their own for a unique effect.

Putting together a well-crafted and striking floral arrangement requires careful consideration of how the three types of flower interact. In order to give your arrangement an interesting shape, it’s important to make deliberate choices about where (or where not) to place flowers of each type.

If you want to see what an arrangement using mostly line flowers can look like, then you might want to check out the YouTube video below.

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