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Originally Posted by max85 very nice heat man yesssss
gl in feb

cheers brother! good to see you crushing as well recently – you’ve come a long way 


Originally Posted by Clanty Insane month. VWP!

Thanks man!


Originally Posted by meale I like that graf

Pretty garf is pretty 


Originally Posted by RA!Z0R RAM0N saw graph/handcount/wr and started laughing out loud.

tbh i think it’s way more commendable that you were so transparent through your entire downswing. consistently posting those graphs/updates in the midst of it was impressive, especially as it got worse; would’ve been crickets from most (almost all?) other coaches. respect

Appreciate this very much man – always try to just keep it real and honest in here, I probably was posting less when it was going really bad, but a big reason I’m still in this forum after so many years is that I don’t update the thread if it feels like a chore. Easier to give the bois the good news than the bad – but yeah, obviously not trying to lie to myself or anyone else about what’s really going on.


Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat big up donald, so good to see a bounce back <3

Cheers brother, was a pleasure seeing you last weekend 


Originally Posted by Slugant 19bb/100 over 70k hands
wow how the hell do you do that?


Originally Posted by TimStone Std uk gay crew rungood. Not possible to get if aint gay and aint from uk 


Originally Posted by Slugant damn really wish i was from the uk now

Timstone dropping the righteous truth here. Bonus rungood for getting cover-story wifey too 


Originally Posted by Don Melchor awesome dude lml

Thank you brother! 


Originally Posted by Mayox bottom 1% here


Originally Posted by TimStone Thats bc you pretend to be gay while in reality you are not. Might be able to fool people but RNGs and TimStones arent fooled that easily!

Just seen your most recent blog update Tim – looks like you’re having a ball out east – hope the CV hasn’t got you yet!


Originally Posted by PlsPlsFold Insane turnaround dude, those hours are mighty impressive! Look forward to seeing future epic graphs

Ahhhhh, thanks man but not as impressive as they look – import problem means it’s at least a hundred or so hours less than it looks.




So, I’d been checking my results once a week at end of play on a sunday, however I forgot to check last week, so gonna make a little update for the end of the month.

First things first though.

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My nephew Finlay arrived safely on 20/02/2020 

 Seeing my brother emerge with his son in the hospital was something that’ll stay with my as long as I live, I’ve absolutely loved becoming an uncle. Me and my mum have been through to see him as much as we can, and my volume has obviously suffered as a result.

The nuclear superheat however, has not 

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+2k euro from untracked sites, so yeah another month running top very small %.

I invested a little in a massive setup upgrade this month which has already been extremely worth it. Hard to get a decent photo, but I’ve gone from extreme busto laptop and monitor raised up by books to this:

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Massive, massive recommendation to all you yung bosses living the digital nomad dream – get one of these: https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/-10rs003uuk/version.asp

3x the speed of my laptop (measured from pio benchmark), less than 1k gbp and it’s tiny – like 6x6x1 inches or so. Can take it with you, buy monitors wherever you happen to be or just take one in your suitcase.

Anyway, turned previous monitor on it’s side and got a 42 inch 4k boy to go with it, makes so much difference to just have ample space for a bunch of lobbies/tables/etc.

One other thing I’ll share with the gang – I made a little python script to open all the programs I use to grind, chance someone finds it useful


import subprocess

programs = [“C:Program Files (x86)PokerStars.UKPokerStarsUpdate.exe”,
“C:Program Files (x86)StarsHelperStarsHelperUpdater.exe”,
“C:Program Files (x86)Poker at bet365casino.exe”,
“C:PokeriPoker Toolsipt.exe”, r”C:UsersDonaldAppDataRoamingPokerPacificPokerbin888poker.exe”,
“C:Program Files (x86)RunItOncePokerRunItOncePokerLoader.exe”
“C:Program FilesHand2NoteHand2Note.exe”,
“C:Program Files (x86)GyazoGyazoReplay.exe”

for i in programs:
subprocess.Popen(i, shell = True)

Note that file paths featuring /U you need to prefix with r

Also I changed my UAC to not dim the screen (obv no smart way to disable this) so I can just hit yes to the ‘allow this program to change your PC’ 20 times or w/e. Saves me probably 60-90s or so every session I play, inspired by a book I read call ‘Atomic Habits’ which mentioned you want to make desirable behaviours as easy as possible.

I’ve been very good at doing my morning mobility recently, in a decent swing with cold showers, been eating better than ever (get on the slow cooker hype, it’s legit changed my life 

 ) so yeah, lots of things going good even if volume has been extremely lacking.

This month I’ve got a trip to vienna to see the lads, plus a week’s skiing in france (both somewhat contingent on CV situation, I couldn’t have infecting the wee one on my conscience) so I’m not going to get a full month’s grinding in, but I’ve got around 17 clear free days, so I’ll set a goal to play 15k hands this month.

That’s about it for now I guess, let’s gettum in March!

GL out there!

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