2022 Champions League Semifinals Betting Preview, Odds & Bold Predictions

We’re in for two spectacular Champions League semifinals this season, boys and girls! After two second-leg thrillers last week, we’re now looking at even more hectic semifinals. If you’re already exploring 2022 Champions League semifinals betting lines, you’ve likely come across plenty of valuable information.

We’re here to combine it all into one single piece and give you general soccer betting guidelines that should help you out… especially if you end up placing a few bets.

For starters, let’s check out the matchups:

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid

Liverpool vs. Villarreal

The first clash is a neck and neck one. There’s no clear winner at the first glance, meaning we’ll have to dig a lot deeper to find any nuances worthy of differentiating this one.

As for the second one, although it might seem Liverpool are the favorites, I can tell with plenty of certainty that we’re in for two closely contested matchups. Villarreal are the
biggest surprise of this season of Champions League, so rest assured they’ll give their best.

Now that we have that out of our way, let’s focus on the most interesting facts about these two semifinal clashes!

2022 Champions League Semifinals

This time around, we have two Premier League and two La Liga sides. It’s a sign of dominance of these two leagues, although one of the two La Liga sides is a rather unlikely contender.
As far as outright winner odds go, the two Premier League teams are the front runners. Liverpool to win is at +125, Manchester City to win is at +137.
According to “name the finalists” lines, City and Liverpool is the likeliest pair for the grand finals at just -175. Real Madrid vs. Liverpool is the second pair at +250.
Soccer betting sites already offer not just the first-leg lines but second-leg, semifinals as a whole, and outrights. If you want to bet on Champions League action, now is the time!

Champions League Semifinals Betting – Bold Predictions

Let’s cut straight to the chase and bring you an in-depth take on 2022 Champions League semifinals bold predictions!

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid Predictions

First up, let’s talk about Manchester City vs. Real Madrid betting predictions! On one end, we have last year’s finalists which were basically inches away from securing the win last season. But, as you know, they failed in the end, with Chelsea players earning the right to hold the big-eared trophy. On the other end, we have Real Madrid who’ve already eliminated PSG and Chelsea, two main title contenders this season.

This is going to be a chaotic match, that’s for sure!

Domestically, both City and Real Madrid are at the top of their leagues. City has no leeway, though, with Liverpool just one point behind them. Their massive lead shrunk down completely and Pep no longer has the luxury of resting key players ahead of important matches.

Real Madrid have a bit more leeway. Barcelona’s marvelous run has given them Champions League football next season; it’s almost guaranteed at this point. They’re still twelve points behind Real Madrid, though they do have a match in hand. Should they win they’ll have just seven fixtures left and nine points to catch.

Yep, Real Madrid’s La Liga title is pretty safe, I’ll dare say… and that will greatly affect the outcome of this one. Remember, Real Madrid is still running on the ancient powers of Benzema, Kross, and Modrić. These guys are well over 30 and every minute of rest they can get, especially this late into the season, will mean a lot.

It will enable them to perform at their best in crucial matches, and this two-legged contest definitely belongs in the category of season-deciders.

In the end, we’re left to give you fellas some concrete Champions League semifinals betting picks. Since this match could easily go either way, knowing the attacking prowess on both ends of the field, I suggest going with both teams to score on both matches.

Yep, I’m going with a bold one here – we have to justify the title of this piece, right?

Liverpool vs. Villarreal Predictions

Next up, let’s talk about Liverpool and Villarreal. Of course, the Premier League behemoths are the heavy favorites in this one, just like they had been against Benfica too. Klopp’s machinery managed to put six past the Portuguese giants, and they’ve done so without some of their biggest superstars.

That’s right, Klopp didn’t just manage to reach Champions League semifinals but also rest his key players to he can remain in the Premier League title race. His team is now perfectly set for chasing the double title this season.

A quick reminder, Manchester City are just one point away from Liverpool but have a worse goals ratio. Should City make any mistakes, we can rest assured Klopp’s Liverpool will be ready to pounce.

As for Villarreal, they’re definitely the biggest surprise of this season of Champions League… and to think Manchester United (of all teams) managed to beat them in group stage twice and finish on top.

Domestically, though, Villarreal is not doing that well. They’re currently in seventh place with practically no chance of securing European football next season… unless they win the Champions League, that is.

But, their domestic performances don’t mean much when they’re coming off a two-legged contest in which they got the better of Juventus. That’s quite the feat, you have to admit.

Whether or not you like Emery’s football, one thing is undebatable – the man is a master for European championships!

So, what about our bold Champions League semifinals betting predictions here? Well, let’s go with Villarreal to go through against all odds. It doesn’t get any bolder than that now, does it?

Could we really see La Liga finals for the first time in quite a while? Well, I for one think we can, and at +450, it’s definitely worth a shot!

Grand Finals Betting Picks

As mentioned earlier, Liverpool and City are the likeliest grand finals’ pair according to the bookies. Here’s a closer look at all four possible pairs and their respective odds:

Liverpool and Manchester City at -175

Liverpool and Real Madrid at +250

Villarreal and Manchester City at +650

Villarreal and Real Madrid +1600

So, are we going to see a Premier League finale just like last season but with Liverpool instead of Chelsea? Well, It is the likeliest option, don’t get me wrong.

However, for the sake of value, +1600 on both upsets to happen seems like a great deal. It’s not a high stake wager, though, not even a medium-stake one. If you’re looking to invest in this risky special, don’t place anything more than the bare minimum because, quite frankly, it’s a long shot.

Wrapping Things Up

Now that’s all said and done, there’s one thing we can all agree on – Champions League semifinals will give us four exceptional clashes. With one big surprise left in the mix, coupled with three world-class teams, I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell you there’s no easy teams here.

But yeah, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

In the end, I’d like to thank you all for sticking till the very end.

Let’s wrap it all up by answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding betting on Champions League semifinals.

Betting on Champions League Semifinals – FAQ Section

When Do the Champions League Semifinals Start?

The first semifinal clash between Manchester City and Real Madrid is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26th, with Liverpool vs. Villarreal set for the very next day.

The return fixtures are set for 3rd May (Villarreal vs. Liverpool) and May the 4th (be with you) which will feature Real Madrid vs. Manchester City at Santiago Bernabeu.

Where to Bet on Champions League in 2022?

Soccer betting sites aren’t difficult to find. There are lots of options out there, but if you’re looking for top-tier ones, it’s best you
check out this list
. Don’t be afraid – just click on the text and we’ll take you to the top of this page where you can see a list of our favorite Champions League betting sites in 2022.

What Is the Champions League Away Goal Rule?

The Champions League away goal rule is pretty straightforward. If the score is tied after both sets of 90 minutes, the winner is the team with the higher number of away goals. If the number of away goals is the same for both teams, then the clash is decided on extra time and potentially even penalties.

However, the away goal rule is no longer used in UEFA competitions starting from this season. Yes, this includes the Champions League too, meaning if there’s a tie the match goes to overtime and potentially even penalties, no matter which teams has more away goals.

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