2022 Qatar World Cup Bold Predictions

Finally, we know all eight groups of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The grandest of all soccer occasions is scheduled to start this November, and not only do we know all the group stage teams (with several exceptions that are yet to be determined through regional finals), but all fixtures too. Sportsbooks have updated their lines, and we’re jumping onto the bandwagon with detailed Qatar World Cup bold predictions!

The #FIFAWorldCup groups are set 🤩

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Is it too early for Qatar World Cup bold predictions? Well, there’s still a lot of time before the winter break. We’re bound to see changes drop and rise, so take everything you see from now on with a pinch of salt.

Where to Bet on 2022 Qatar World Cup – Best Soccer Bookies

Since we’re mainly focusing on the betting side of things, we have to start off by naming the best soccer bookies out there.

2022 has given us lots of new names, but we’re still staying true to some of the oldest and most reputable betting platforms.

Remember, you don’t have to blindly follow our suggestions. If you already have a bookie you’re satisfied with, there’s no need to force a change. But, chances are you’re not satisfied. In that case, make sure you check out some of the above-featured betting platforms!

What to Look For in Soccer Bookmakers Is Another Important Question

Some suggest odds are the first make it or break it characteristics. I say look past them! Odds aren’t everything! They are important, but virtues like a clean interface, mobile friendliness, and plenty of payment methods top my ease-of-use charts.

This is especially true if you’re just starting out and you’ve only made a few (if any) bets in your life. Do yourself a favor and thoroughly research the bookies you’re thinking of joining. Compare your top picks and go with the one that suits your needs the most!

2022 Qatar World Cup Preview – Tournament Format

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is going to go along the same lines as previous iterations. It’s a 32-team tournament with eight groups, four teams in each. All teams play their group contenders once, and the top two teams from each group advance to the round of sixteen.

That’s right, half of the teams will bid their farewells to Qatar right after the group stage which starts on November 21st and ends on December 2nd.

The tournament then switches to a single-elimination bracket, starting with ro16 on December 3rd and then quarterfinals on December 9th and 10th.

Semifinals are played on the 13th and 14th December, the third-place match on the 17th and the grand finals right on the following day.

The final day of FIFA World Cup 2022 will be just a week before Christmas. How crazy is that?

2022 Qatar World Cup Bold Predictions – Group by Group

Group A Predictions

Netherlands -160
Senegal +370
Ecuador +380
Qatar +2400

Can the host nation survive this group? Well, at the first glance one might even think so. But, Senegal and Ecuador are not to be taken for granted, even if we assume The Netherlands will take the top spot… and they surely will.

Even though Qatar will have home turf advantage, I doubt it will matter much in the grand scheme of things. The Netherlands are too big of a beast, and both Senegal and Ecuador must win against Qatar if they are to stay in the playoffs equations.

I give Senegal the slightest of advantages. I would’ve done the same if it was Egypt there instead of them. Ecuador aren’t particularly strong and don’t have the team cohesion needed to take down in-form Senegal.

At the end of the day, we likely won’t see an upset in group A. The Netherlands are consistent, good, and have a formidable depth that will give them a much-needed advantage, especially in the final fixture against Qatar.

So yeah, going with Netherlands to win group A at -160 is the first of our eight Qatar World Cup bold predictions.

Group B Predictions

England -240
USA +700
Iran +1100
Wales – Scotland/Ukraine

England all the way! The LeBron James of soccer won’t be able to claim the top spot in group B for the United States. The Three Lions will make sure of that right in the second match of this group. In the first one, the USA will be playing against Wales/Scotland/Ukraine and should they win that one, in certain scenarios, even a draw with Iran would give them the playoffs they crave for.

But yeah, as far as our 2022 Qatar World Cup bold predictions go, there’s nothing bold about group B. England all the way – Gareth Southgate’s England is likely to ace their group stage campaign, though could slip in any stage of the playoffs, really. Senegal or Ecuador are likely to await in the second leg, which is going to be a fiery encounter, no doubt about it.

That said, England to win group B at -240 is what we’re going with! Nothing else to add here, really…

Group C Predictions

Argentina -195
Poland +410
Mexico +440
Saudi Arabia +3800

Now group C is going to be tough! Obviously, Argentina is the favorite here, but do you guys remember what happened to Argentina on the 2018 Russia World Cup? A quick reminder, they lost to Croatia in the second leg and had to sweat in the final round against Nigeria. In the end, they barely made it through.

But, there’s no Croatia herein group C! But, can Mexico give Argentina trouble this time around? Should Messi and the company outclass S. Arabia in the opener (which is almost guaranteed), Argentina will need to assert dominance in the second round.

Luckily, they haven’t lost to Mexico since 2004. That’s eight long years, mind you. What about Poland, then? Well, there’s no way Lewandowski and the company do anything that would endanger Argentina. Even though both Poland and Mexico seem like good deals, I reckon Argentina won’t make another group stage slip-up and endanger their stay in Qatar.

Can Saudi Arabia do something? Well, while they were solid in the qualifiers, I see them as complete outsiders in this group. Their football is not on the same level as football in Poland, Mexico, and Argentina. As such, anything but zero points to S. Arabia’s tally would be a massive surprise for me.

Group D Predictions

France -250
Denmark +310
Tunisia +1700
Peru – Australia/UAE

France were absolute beasts in the qualifiers! Even though they are not the prime candidates for winning the World Cup, not after a quick exit on EURO 2020, France are still a very respectable team. Didier Deschamps is still leading the charge with his trusty coaching stick. The experienced French football veteran will do his best to win back-to-back World Cup titles with France.

Looking at their depth, it doesn’t seem impossible! Not only do they have the brightest star of European football at their disposal, but excellent players across the board, even on the bench. Squad depth has been one of France’s key virtues lately, and I am certain it will prove to be the deciding factor yet again.

Denmark is going to be the second playoff team from group D; there’s no doubt in my mind about it. Eriksen is back and he seems back to his old self! He’s doing wonders with Brentford and is likely to keep them alive in the Premier League next season.

As for Tunisia and whoever reaches the WC in the last spot, I am not so sure. Peru is the favorite in my books, but they lack depth and consistency. Though, they could definitely cause problems for both Denmark and France… if everything aligns properly, that is.

When everything is said and done, I reckon we can agree that France are the favorites here. At -250, don’t think twice about it!

Group E Predictions

Spain -115
Germany +115
Japan +1300
Costa Rica – New Zealand

Group E will have the fiercest group stage clash. November 27th is the date… the date we’ll get to see Spain face off against Germany for what’s ultimately going to be the top spot in group E, right? Well, not necessarily. Spain and Germany are the heavy favorites, but we can’t forget just how powerful Japan was on the last World Cup.

As for Costa Rica and New Zealand, I doubt they will have anything notable to deliver in this group. Spain and Germany are the frontrunners, Japan has decent chances too, but Costa Rica/New Zealand are out of the equation.

What about our 2022 Qatar World Cup bold predictions? Well, since this is probably going to be a dead race between Spain and Germany, at -115 and +115, I just can’t see any value in either end. Japan, who could shock the world once again, is at +1300.

I know, I know… Japan to win this group seems impossible, but at +1300 and considering Spain/Germany dead race, if Japan takes at least a point off Germany in the opener, you can’t argue with the value here!

Long story short, Japan to win group E at +1300 is the pick here!

Group F Predictions

Belgium -160
Croatia +290
Morocco +600
Canada +1300

Who’s it going to be, Belgium or Croatia? Group E has Spain and Germany, group F has Belgium and Croatia. Second and third-placed teams of the last World Cup four and a half years ago. Heck, will both of them make it through to the playoffs?

Well, it all depends on how things kick off on the opening day. Canada has a couple of brilliant youngsters playing in Europe and will definitely fancy their chances at complicating things for Croatia. Morocco in the final round could, assuming everything aligns correctly, provide them with an entryway into the playoffs.

Croatia are in the middle of a massive generational switch, with this being the last international event for Luka Modrić and probably their center-back duo Dejan Lovren and Domagoj Vida. On the bright side, several exceptional youngsters have emerged, as well as flashy Mislav Orsic who isn’t a youngster but continues to shine with Dinamo Zagreb.

On the other end, Belgium have never looked so good and at -160, you would be a fool to bet on something else. The value isn’t that good, though. If that’s what you’re hunting, Croatia is your pick. But, -160 is not too bad for folks looking to connect one or two of our Qatar World Cup bold predictions into an accumulator.

So yeah, for the base bet – Belgium to win group F at -160.

Group G Predictions

Brazil -220
Switzerland +450
Serbia +600
Cameroon +1400

Ooooh, this is going to be a good one! We’ve already seen Serbia scalp Portugal in the qualifiers, and now they’ll have the opportunity to take revenge on both Brazil and Switzerland, their previous World Cup group stage executioners… and I for one think Serbia’s new generation has what it takes to go through.

Heck, not just to go through but to go through as the winning team in group G! It’s not impossible, listen – Vlahovic, Milinkovic-Savic, Matic, Tadic… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg that is Serbia’s generational talent!

But, Brazil shouldn’t be taken for granted. After all, they are the number one favorites to win the whole event. This could even be the final World Cup in which Brazil will have Neymar in his prime. Coupled with a handful of brilliant youngsters, Brazil’s future is in safe hands.

Switzerland is another impressive team that’s bound to complicate things in this group even further. They were excellent on last year’s EURO and had a brilliant run in World Cup qualifiers. Poor Italy, that’s all I’m going to say.

As far as valuable Qatar World Cup bold predictions go, Serbia to win group G at +600 seems like the optimal choice here!

Group H Predictions

Portugal -160
Uruguay +260
South Korea +900
Ghana +1200

Last of our 2022 Qatar World Cup bold predictions reflect on the final group, group H. Portugal, who’ve qualified just recently, are the heavy favorites in a group that doesn’t look particularly difficult. Uruguay will be the toughest contender, that’s for sure.

However, South Korea could become a dark horse quite easily, especially if they manage to steal a point off Uruguay. One point there and three more against Ghana would give Son and the boys the perfect setup for the last game against Portugal.

But, I doubt Portugal will drop the ball here. Cristiano Ronaldo finally has a set of formidable players surrounding him and, despite losing to Serbia and failing to qualify conventionally, are bound to make a statement in Qatar.

And don’t even get me started on the quality of the players in Portugal’s squad. I’m not even talking solely their first eleven, but their substitutes and bench too. Portugal, apart from a couple of seasoned veterans in Pepe and Ronaldo, is packed with prolific youngsters who will make for a new generation of their national team.

So yeah, Portugal to win group H at -160 is the obvious choice here!

Outright Betting on 2022 Qatar World Cup

Of course, group stage bets and match-winners are only one portion of the whole picture. Lots of people want to bet on the outcome of the entire 2022 Qatar World Cup, and that’s where outright winner bets come into play.

Before we go any further, here’s a look at the odds for the sixteen most notable contenders:


















Shrink | Expand

Surprisingly, Brazil is the choice of pretty much all major soccer bookmakers online. I mean, the South American powerhouse are always a tricky side to play against, but I wasn’t really expecting to see them in front of England and France.

But, are they the best pick here? Certainly not!

Brazil boys are strong, but they aren’t that strong! Value-wise, I’m thinking either France (of course), or Belgium. The latter offers a much higher return at +1400 which is well worth the investment. But, they are in a tough group with Croatia, Canada, and Cameroon, so it could be a double-edged sword for sure. Much of their form depends on Eden Hazard, and we all know just how he these days with all the injuries surrounding him.

Spain could be a worthy pick too. Pedri is a force of nature and in-form Adama Traore might be able to help Spanish wings in Qatar. It’s a long shot, but could be worth it at +900.

What about Croatia – can they go all the way this time? Well, I just can’t see them repeating that miraculous summer of 2018. Lots of their first-team players have retired since then, and while they do have talented youngsters, their generational switch will take a while.


One thing is certain – Qatar 2022 is going to be one of the most spectacular soccer competitions ever. It’s a tournament of firsts, and I for one think it will exceed everyone’s expectations despite being set for this winter.

That said, we hope our 2022 Qatar World Cup bold predictions provided all the necessary info you’ve been looking for.

As always, thanks for sticking with us all the way through!

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