21 ways to earn extra money and boost your income

There are plenty of scientific research studies or clinical trials that you could get involved in if you want to make extra money on a few one-off occasions.

Medical researchers and university students often need people of all ages to get involved in various different studies or projects and will typically offer a voucher or cash reward for your time. 

Projects vary but can include investigations into things like how people eat and appreciate new foods or what the effects of a new drug are. As well as getting paid for your time, it can also be an interesting way to learn something new and get involved in science! 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then you could try:

1. Getting in touch with your local university to find out whether they need participants for any scientific studies. To see an example of the types of offers a university might make, it’s worth having a look at these ones from the University of Bristol.

2. Signing up to a website like Trials 4 Us (which is the UK’s leading Clinical Research Organisation). Organisations like this will provide information on upcoming medical trials, and details on how to apply.

Note: it’s important to remember that some clinical trials can carry unknown health risks. Some will be about collecting benign research, whilst others could involve taking medicine that has not been licensed for public approval. As always, it’s worth making sure you are fully comfortable with what you’re signing up to before you commit to anything.

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