22 fun ideas to help you make the most of spring

19. Clean your BBQ and start using it again. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with a BBQ, then why not start making the most of it again?

For many of us barbequed food is one of the highlights of the warmer months of the year – plus, barbecuing gives you a chance to get outside and start making the most of the lighter evenings.

To get inspired, why not check out our sizzling barbecue recipe ideas? From BBQ pulled jackfruit burgers, to teriyaki salmon and lacquered ribeye steak, hopefully there’s something for everyone. 

20. Go geocaching. If you love adventure and spending time outside, then geocaching can be a fun way to spend a few hours.

There are millions of geocaches (tiny ‘treasure’ boxes) hidden around the world for others to find. Chances are, there’s some not far from you right now!

To get started with geocaching all you need is a GPS signal, and the geocaching app, which will help you locate nearby geocaches, using maps and coordinates. Head over to the geocaching website to find out more and download the app.

21. Grow your own fruit and veg. As well as being good for the planet – there’s something very satisfying about growing your own fruit and veg.

Whether you have a garden, allotment, patio, or window box, there’ll be food that you can grow yourself. From blueberries, kale, and tomatoes, have a read of our article; 8 superfoods that you can grow from home to learn more.

22. Make yourself an iced coffee or tea. If you’re a lover of iced coffee or tea, then why not try some new flavours this spring?

From mint-flavoured iced coffee to nutella ice coffee, you could try one of these 15 spring-themed iced coffee recipes from Reviewed. Or if you prefer tea, then rhubarb iced tea and cranberry zingers are some of the delicious options in this list of 25 refreshing teas for sunny sipping from Brit + Co.

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