33 self-care ideas to boost your mental and physical health this winter

26. Do some colouring. Adult colouring has become increasingly popular over the years because it offers the opportunity to work with lots of bright colours, do something simple yet cheerful with a clear start and end point, and to keep your mind focussed on the present moment. You can download adult colouring pages for free over on the Pop Sugar website.

27. Wrap up warm, and count the stars. Short winter days make for ample opportunities to put your warmest clothes on, and head outside to do a spot of stargazing. Not only will you get some fresh air, but you’ll also get some time to reflect or to clear your mind if you do it alone – or to bond with family or friends if you choose to invite others. If you want to know what to look for, then have a read of this page from the National Trust.

28. Unplug from all electronic devices. We could all do with a break from technology every now and then – especially with the news headlines being dominated by so much negativity recently. If you can, try to spend a few hours or a day every now and then away from your smartphone and computer! Use it as an opportunity to reconnect with nature, pamper yourself, or read a good book.

29. Take a long bath. If you’re lucky enough to have a choice between having a bath or a shower, then you might find that you usually have a shower – because it’s much quicker. But during the winter, it can be nice to make some time to take a long hot bubble bath, which you can relax in with a hot chocolate or glass of wine, and a good book. It can do wonders for both mind and body!

30. Expose yourself to as much light as possible. When the days are shorter, it’s important to make the most of daylight hours as much as possible, by getting out for a walk – or maybe a run, or a cycle. Exposing ourselves to as much natural light as possible, will help to keep our vitamin D levels topped up. Vitamin D is important for things like bone and oral health, and for keeping our mood boosted. Check out our article on vitamin D to find out more.

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