5 classic life lessons that have stood the test of time

5 classic life lessons that have stood the test of time

People who can take control of their lives – without being held back by urges, circumstances, and feelings – often find moving towards their goals much easier, and gain greater fulfilment from their days as a result.

Among many other things, taking control of our lives can mean not needing or seeking validation from others, and not altering our personality or behaviour to fit a mould that our peers have created for us.

For example, sometimes we might feel it’s easier to hide parts of who we are to avoid judgement from others. But, as the famous ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle pointed out thousands of years ago: nobody is absolutely everyone’s cup of tea.

Hiding things that make you unique might help you to avoid criticism from others in the short-term, but, chances are, you won’t be living your life to the fullest if you don’t let your personality shine through. It’s not uncommon for people in this position to lack the self-discipline and motivation needed to achieve their goals, simply because they aren’t living as authentically as they would like.

Bustle has some tips on how to feel more comfortable in your own skin that you might find useful if this is something you struggle with.

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