5 Reasons You Should Play Slots Instead of Regular Video Poker Games

Do you prefer playing slot machines or video games? If you like slots games, you probably don’t need to know much that I cover in this post. But if you like video games or play both slots and video games, the information you’re getting ready to learn is important.

Video games and slot machines have good points, and video games are better for some people. But slots games are a better choice for most people. Learn more about why slot machines are better than video games in the five reasons listed in this post.

1 – Slots Games Are Easier to Play

Slots GamesMy kids played a lot of video games when they were growing up, and I often tried to play with them. However, I found that modern video games are a lot harder to play than the video games I played when I was growing up.

My first video game system was a Coleco. If you don’t know what that is, you can look it up, but it was out around the same time the original Atari system was available. I remember playing on the first generation Nintendo systems and spent a lot of time playing on a Sega Genesis in college.

When I tried to play video games with my kids, I rarely was good enough to win. And I hate losing in anything, even when it’s competing against my kids in video games.

Maybe I’m too old to be able to play video games well, or maybe the games are harder, and I’m not willing to dedicate the time needed to play well. It’s probably a combination of the two things.

But there’s no doubt that slot machines are easier to play than most video games. You need at least a small level of skill to play video games, and you don’t need any skill to play slots games.

Of Course, Whether This Makes Slot Machines Better Than Video Games Is Subjective

I think slot machines are better, and my kids think video games are better. Overall, this is probably good because I don’t really want my kids playing slots games, even though they’re old enough to do it now legally. I’d prefer they play a game they might be able to beat, like poker or blackjack.

2 – You Can Play Free Slot Machine Games

I’m sure there are some free video games you can play, but most of the video games I bought my kids cost at least $20, and some f them cost $50 or more. My kids both currently play games on a Nintendo Switch most of the time, and the games seem to be expensive to me.

You can set up an account at many online and mobile casinos for free. And you can play most of the slot machines offered on these platforms for free also. I don’t know of anywhere you can play free slots in a land-based casino, but you can play online and on mobile devices for free anywhere you can get the internet.

I don’t play many free slot games unless I want to try a new game that interests me. And if I like the game, I usually switch over to real money play, and if I don’t enjoy the game, I stop playing.

If you compare playing slots for real money and buying and playing video games, the economics change. A real cost exists when you buy a video game to play and when you play slot machines for real money.

Your cost is fixed when you buy a video game, and your cost is variable when you play slot machines. For example, if you buy a video game for $50 and play the game for 50 hours, the game costs $1 per hour. But if you only play the game for five hours, the cost is $10 per hour.

The truth is that when you play slots games for real money, they cost you more than $1 per hour, and in many cases, they cost more than $10 per hour. But if you only play free slots games, they don’t cost you anything.

3 – Bonuses and Rewards

Getting the Best Online Slots BonusesI don’t remember the last time I played an online or mobile slot machine without using a bonus. And I don’t plan to ever play without a bonus again. But you can’t get a bonus for playing video games, outside of earning some in game things in some popular games.

Even if you’re playing slots in a local casino or a casino in Las Vegas, you can earn rewards and comps through the slots or player club.

Video game designers and companies occasionally offer special things to get more people to play and to keep current players coming back. Still, I’ve never seen them offer cash to play. While slots bonuses aren’t exactly the same as cash, you can turn some bonuses into cash if you clear the bonus and win.

You need to balance the cost of playing video games and playing slots like I covered in the last section. Both activities have a cost, but you can only win real money playing slots. You’re going to learn more about winning real money playing slots in the next section.

I don’t know much about it, but I guess some of the top video game players can compete in contests for money, but I understand that only a small number of people get good enough to do it. So my guess is a higher percentage of slots players win real money playing slots than video game players make money playing video games.

4 – You Can Win Real Money

You log into your favorite mobile or online casino or sit down in a land-based casino to play your favorite slot machine. You take a few spins and then hit the jackpot. You walk away with $100,000 or more. Think about how winning a slots jackpot will change your life.

I admit that you have to have a lot of luck to win a slots jackpot, but people do win them every day. When was the last time you saw news about a video game player winning over $100,000 playing a game?

Most slots players lose money because slot machines are designed to make money. But some slots players get lucky and win more than they lose. And even if you lose more than you win overall, you still win when you play sometimes.

If you have a budget to play slots, you usually lose your budget when you play. But every once in a while, you have more money than you started with when you quit playing.

Being able to win real money makes slot machines better than video games.

5 – No Competition

When you play video games, you’re either competing against other players, or you’re competing against the program. So it doesn’t matter what type of video game you’re playing, you’re trying to accomplish something, and the program makes it challenging.

I remember buying a video game that was a sequel to a game I used to enjoy. I played for hours and found that it was too hard for me to complete without help. I gave up until someone suggested I look for a guide posted online. I found a guide and was able to complete the game, but I don’t think I’d have ever finished the game without help.

When that happened, it took a lot of the fun out of the game. I like to win, but I want to figure out how to win by working through the game. So if I have to look up the solution, it takes the fun out of the game.

I don’t mind competition, but I don’t want any competition when I play slot machines. I play slots games to gamble by myself and not worry about anyone else. So when you play slots games, you’re not competing with anyone, which makes them better than video games in my book.


Are slot machines better than video games for everyone? The answer is no, but the more important question you need to ask is, are slot machines better than video games for you?

I play a few video games, but I spend most of the time looking at a screen at a slot machine. I’ve never won money playing video games, but I have won money playing slots.

Take a close look at the five reasons slot machines are better than video games listed in this post to help you determine the best use of your time and money. Of course, slot machines and video games cost money, but they cost money in a different way.

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