5 tips for buying a cheap mobile phone

A refurbished phone, or “refurb”, is simply one that was previously sold to another customer by a mobile phone retailer, only to be returned due to some kind of fault or the customer changing their mind. The handset will have since been repaired (if there was a defect) and restored to working order to be resold at a discounted price.

These phones are different to those sold as “used” on the secondhand market. If you’re buying a used phone, it won’t necessarily have undergone professional repairs and you’ll be buying from a private seller rather than a retailer.

Refurbished phones may not come with all of the original packaging or accessories such as chargers or headphones, but tend to go for a lot cheaper than their brand new counterparts and are typically sold with a one-year warranty.

Retailers sometimes use different ‘grades’ to distinguish refurbished phones, and they tend to fall within the following categories:

Grade A or “like new” applies to phones that are virtually untouched and show little to no sign of use whatsoever. These are often the handsets that were returned within the first month because the original buyer changed their mind.Grade B describes phones that may have light signs of use or small scratches, but are still in good working condition.Grade C applies to phones that are visibly used.Grade D refers to a phone that’s clearly secondhand, and may still be broken in some way. These are usually only sold by online traders, with the recommendation that you should be prepared to do the repairs yourself.

It’s really important to check that a refurbished phone comes with a warranty, in case an old problem with the phone resurfaces or it develops a new fault. Most refurbished phones are sold with a one-year guarantee, but it’s worth checking this before buying.

While we all like to have brand new products, a refurbished phone can save you hundreds of pounds if you opt for a model that’s a year or two old, and at high grades you likely won’t be able to tell the difference. Refurbs are thoroughly tested, wiped of all previous customer data and restored to factory settings, so there are no extra steps to take on your end.

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