5 tips for fall-proofing a home

Throughout our lives, we tend to collect a lot of stuff, and tripping on clutter is a common cause of falls. So, making sure walkways are clear and clutter is kept to a minimum is important when thinking about your or your loved one’s safety around the home.

Between chargers, cables, extension leads, etc, the modern household has lots of wires knocking around, and these can be a dangerous trip hazard.

Therefore, it’s important that wires, like phone chargers, are put away after use. If this isn’t possible – for lamp or WiFi router cables, for example – then using cable clips or tubing to pin wires to the skirting board is a good way to keep them tucked out of the way.

It can also help to keep furniture and other fixtures well out of the way of walkways – as things like low coffee tables and chairs can become tripping hazards. And if you’re buying new furniture for someone who’s a fall risk, then try to be mindful about your purchases – as some can pose more of a threat than others. Glass furniture, for instance, can be harder to see.

Another trip hazard that we tend to forget about is our pets! Dogs, cats, and other small creatures can often get under our feet and cause falls. One way to reduce the risk of pet-related falls is to make sure that they have a bell on their collar. This makes it easier for us to know if our furry friends are around.

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