5 ways to wipe out winter tiredness

Our diet can have a significant impact on how we feel. And once, the sunny days fade away and the evenings get darker, it can be tempting to load up on starchy comfort foods, such as bread, pasta, and potatoes.

While there’s nothing wrong with eating these foods in moderation, it’s important to keep meals as balanced as possible to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients and energy you need. This means making sure to include plenty of vegetables, as well as a healthy dose of protein.

If you don’t enjoy eating salads in the winter, then there are plenty of warming winter veggies you could add to your meals, such as carrots, parsnips, leeks, and kale.

There are also certain foods that are known for having a mood-boosting effect, such as bananas, oats, and fatty fish – so you might want to consider incorporating some of these into your diet. You can find out more about these foods in our article; 9 of the best mood-boosting foods.

Many people find that cravings for sugary, starchy foods increase during the winter if they’re feeling tired and sluggish. But it’s important to remember that though these foods may give us a rush of energy, this will wear off quickly – and we may end up feeling even more tired afterwards.

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