6 tips to help you find a sense of belonging

While being your authentic self is an incredibly important part of finding a sense of belonging, letting the people around you know who that person is, is also vital. Finding a sense of belonging is an active process, and by making your passions and interests known to others, you’ll attract like-minded people and begin to create a sense of community.

If you’ve got a hobby or interest that you’re particularly passionate about, then why not ask your friend or someone else you know to do it with you? For instance, if you love hiking, then you might want to invite a friend along to your next hiking trip. Or, if you love reading, why not recommend your favourite book to others? Sharing experiences and discussing shared interests are great ways to foster a sense of community and belonging with the people already in your life.

Another way you can share your passions and interests with others is through social media. What we post and share on our social media profiles can tell others a lot about us. So, if you’re looking to tell people what you’re interested in and passionate about, it might be worth sharing things that show this.

For instance, if you’re interested in football, then you could share some exciting transfer news you’ve just heard about, or even just let people know when you’re watching the game. Or perhaps you’re passionate about a social issue. If so, you might want to share some material on the subject. You never know – it could spark an interesting discussion.

If you want to grow your social network online, then you could consider joining a Facebook group or an online forum. The Rest Less Learning group is a great community for people who want to expand their minds and learn new skills and, if you’re looking for a job or thinking about making a career change, then why not become part of our Over 50s Job Seekers group?

You might want to consider posting on the Rest Less community forum. Here, you’ll find all kinds of interesting conversations on anything from art and culture to jobs and careers.

While social media can be a helpful tool for bringing people together and fostering positive social connections – it can also be easy for us to start comparing our lives to those that we see online. Although tricky, It’s important to try to avoid this, and to remember that social media profiles are curated and don’t always reflect real life. Comparing yourself to unrealistic representations of people can sometimes lead to lowered self-esteem and further feelings of not belonging.

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