6 unusual hobbies you might not have tried

Exercising outdoors can be difficult. Running (especially on uneven ground) can put pressure on joints and cycling on roads with cars comes with a range of safety risks. However, if you’re looking for a mode of outdoor exercise that’s easy on your joints and helps you stay safe, then look no further than recumbent cycling.

Recumbent cycling is a type of cycling that positions the rider in a reclined posture. Just like regular cycling, it’s an excellent cardiovascular workout. However, recumbent cycling is widely viewed as a safer alternative to upright cycling for a few reasons.

Firstly, on a recumbent bike, you’re much less likely to topple in a crash, especially if you opt for the popular three-wheeled version. You’re also seated much closer to the ground. So in the event that you do topple, you’ve got less of a distance to fall, meaning that you’re less likely to sustain an injury.

Another excellent safety advantage that recumbent cycling has over its more conventional counterpart is that, due to the rider’s much lower centre of gravity, braking distances are greatly reduced. This gives you much more control over the bike and, again, reduces your risk of injury.

What’s more, recumbent cycling is easier on your body than upright cycling. The reclined position places less stress on your neck, back, and joints. This added support is particularly advantageous for those who suffer from conditions like arthritis or sciatica. And just like regular cycling, recumbent cycling is a low-impact form of exercise.

And for any daredevils out there, recumbent bikes are actually, in most cases, faster than traditional ones. This is because that reclined position is much more aerodynamic than an upright one.

So if you’re interested in an unconventional hobby that’s fun, gives you a great workout, and is easy on your body, then why not check out recumbent cycling? Just remember, as with regular cycling, to stay safe by wearing a helmet and, if riding at night, stay visible with some high-vis gear. Some recumbent cyclists even choose to attach a high flag to the back of their bike, for extra visibility.

To browse recumbent bikes and find out more about them, why not head over to the Get Cycling website? And for some tips and tricks on how to ride one, check out this guide from Austin Recumbents.

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