7 benefits of living in a retirement community

We all go through times in our lives when we feel lonely or a little out of place – and this can be especially true when we retire.

When we’re working, especially in a role that we enjoy and value, many of us will do a great deal of our socialising on the job with colleagues and/or clients. We might also develop a sense of community with our colleagues through shared experiences, and being united in a single purpose. So when we retire, it’s only natural to miss this sense of belonging and to look for ways to replace it.

Retirement living offers a great opportunity to do this, as a community of like-minded people who may share similar life experiences to you is right on your doorstep. In fact, a survey conducted by ProMatura found that only 11% of the non-retirement community homeowners participated in social events, while 54% of the retirement community homeowners said that they did.

For the Lifestory Group, this sense of community is a top priority. Renaissance and Pegasus homes are designed to encourage homeowners to socialise with one another, and regular social events are also held. For example, coffee and cake mornings, game nights, and trips to the theatre.

Some Pegasus developments also include cafés and restaurants on-site that are perfect for socialising and serve meals, snacks, and drinks. They also have social kitchens, where you can cook, eat, and socialise with your friends and neighbours. You can visit the Pegasus website to find out more about the different services each development offers.

The Lifestory Group is dedicated to helping their homeowners create warm, fun, and supportive communities with one another, but they also aim to make catching up with family and friends as easy and convenient as possible. There are great communal spaces in each home, as well as a guest suite for when your loved ones want to stay the night.

If you’re looking for other ways to find a sense of community and belonging, why not check out our article on the subject?

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