7 hidden travel costs to watch out for

Obvious fees you might be charged by accommodation providers when you’re away include use of a hotel minibar or covering damages if you break something, but that’s not all you have to look out for.

Make sure WiFi is included in the cost of your hotel – normally it will be a complimentary service, but some hotels will charge you extra, with some even charging at a daily rate.

Hotels and self-catering accommodation can also charge you extra for checking in early or checking out late, so if you think you’ll be there ahead of schedule, take it as an opportunity to kill some time before checking in, and make sure to check out promptly on your last day. Hotels and self-catering accommodation can also charge if you have extra people over for the night, since you tend to pay per head, so it’s worth playing it safe and clearing it with your host first if you’re thinking of having someone to stay who you didn’t mention when you originally booked.

AirBnB hosts usually charge a one-off cleaning fee on top of their nightly rate, to cover the costs of preparing the house before or after guests stay. The host sets this themselves, so it’s worth comparing other options if you feel a particular host is overcharging for cleaning.

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