7 simple ideas to inspire your job search

simple ways to help you find a job

It can be disheartening to have a good idea about what sort of opportunity you’d like to apply for, but feel limited by the lack of specific job adverts out there. So, one of the best ways to push the boundaries of your job search and take steps towards securing a job that you really want is to write to or visit companies who may not currently be advertising roles, and express your interest in working for them.

Although they may not currently be recruiting, there’s always a chance they will be soon (in which case, your early contact could give you an advantage), or that they could spot something in your skillset which may be beneficial enough for them to consider finding a place for you in the team anyway. And even if neither of these things happen, it’s always useful to open up the lines of communication with companies that you’re particularly passionate about working for, just in case a suitable opportunity comes up in the future.

The way you go about expressing your interest will largely depend on the type of roles and/or industries that you’re interested in. The most common way would be to write a cover letter – which tells the company why you want to work for them and what skills and/or experience you have to offer – and email this, along with your CV, to a relevant contact at the company.

If you aren’t sure who to contact, then you can start with the greeting, ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘Dear Hiring Manager.’ It’s important to do some digging and find the correct email address though to avoid your application being lost in cyberspace – many companies will have a contact email address on their careers page along the lines of [email protected] or [email protected] so it’s worth having a look around their careers page or the ‘contact us’ page on their website to find out what it is.

If the role you’d like to work in is a customer-facing role (e.g. in hospitality or retail), then it can be more useful to attend in person and ask to speak to the Manager, who may be able to discuss potential opportunities with you.

It’s important to remember that not all companies (whether you attend in person or email them) will be open to talking to you about opportunities that they aren’t currently advertising. However, if even just one does, you could be taking a big step closer to an opportunity that you really want, rather than simply settling for what’s currently available.

If you need some help writing a cover letter of interest, we offer a template here. And for additional tricks and tips, why not check out our article Tips for writing a cover letter when you’re over 50?

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