8 fun photography projects that you can start today

While taking self-portraits might not initially feel like the most comfortable thing in the world to do; it comes with some big rewards. Self-portraits can be used as a means of self-exploration and expression; and can help us learn to accept ourselves exactly as we are.

Being in front of the camera, rather than behind it, can also help you to gain a great understanding of poses, angles and lighting; so you’ll be better equipped to direct your subjects in future.

How often you decide to take a self-portrait is completely up to you, but many people opt for one photo or video clip a week. You might decide to take a self-portrait in the same spot, posed in the same way, every week for a year or more, and to then collate the results and turn them into a time lapse video.

Often changes to our hair, skin and general appearance happen gradually, and we might not even notice them; but time lapse videos can allow us to document and celebrate these subtle changes, while reflecting on our character development during this time too.

To see an example of a time-lapsed self-portrait video, have a watch of this video of a man who took a photo of himself everyday for 20 years, or the video below of a man hiking through China for a year.

You might also choose to create a self-portrait series that portrays the many different roles you play in life. For instance, a portrait of you in your workwear, a photo which shows you as a parent, a photo of you bare-faced and natural, another of you dressed up as you would be if you were heading out to meet friends, and so on. Taking photos of the ‘many sides’ of ourselves can be a useful way to explore our identity, to realise our accomplishments, and to understand how many different layers we all have beyond the surface.

Before you start taking self-portraits you might benefit from buying yourself a tripod to hold your camera, so that you can step out from behind it. You can pick one up for a reasonable price on Amazon. It’s also a good idea to get familiar with the ‘self-timer’ and ‘burst mode’ features on your digital camera or smartphone.

The self timer function will allow you a few seconds to get into position before the photo is taken, while the burst mode feature will enable you to take several different shots in succession, while trying out a variety of different angles and poses.

For more tips on how to master self-portrait photography, it’s worth having a read of this article from Canon – or to get inspired, check out these 100 self-portrait photography ideas.

If you’re feeling a bit shy about being in front of the camera, then you could also watch this video to see how to successfully take self-portraits without having your face in the shot. Or, if you’re interested in the history of self-portraits and the different approaches used, have a watch of this video here.

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