8 healthy breakfast ideas to kickstart your day

If you’ve got a bit of time in the morning and want to cook up a healthy yet delicious breakfast, then why not make a breakfast burrito?

The beauty of breakfast burritos is that they’re incredibly versatile, and you can use up whatever ingredients you have in the fridge: potatoes, eggs, rice, cheese, beans, tomatoes, sausages, avocados, spinach… the list is truly endless.

Ideally, a breakfast burrito should contain a mix of protein, good fats, and carbs – and for maximum health points, why not choose a wholemeal tortilla to wrap your burrito in?

Breakfast burritos can also be easily adapted for all dietary requirements. These 12 different breakfast burritos recipes by Self show just how diverse this dish can be.

While some more indulgent breakfast burritos are packed with eggs, cheese, and meats – these aren’t always the healthiest option due to the amount of fat they contain. But you can knock up many healthier alternatives, like this tasty breakfast burrito from Love and Lemons, which is packed with eggs and plenty of fresh veggies. If you’re plant-based, simply swap eggs for scrambled tofu for a protein-packed vegan alternative.

To see what goes into three very different breakfast burritos, have a watch of the video below.

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