8 makeup tips for mature women

Primers are cream products used to create a soft makeup base, smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation, and can even make your makeup last longer. You can buy primers for the lips, eye area, and the entire face – and they can make a huge difference in how makeup sits.

Many primers contain silicone ingredients, which helps them to ‘fill in’ any imperfections like lines, pores, or scarring. While primers can’t completely hide lines or blemishes, they’re popular for their abiltiy to help to create a blurring effect.

The right primer for you will largely depend on your skin type and how long you’ll be wearing makeup. For example, lighter, gel-based primers may be preferable during the day, but if you want your makeup to last all night, profesionals recommend using one with a tackier texture that will help makeup stay in place for longer.

Below are the three most common types of primer…

Silicone-based primers help to even out skin texture and leave the face feeling super smooth. This type of primer is best suited for those with oily or normal skin. Check out these best silicone based primers from Claire Talks Beauty for product ideas.Moisturising primers combine skincare with makeup and tend to suit dry or mature skin best. Have a browse of these best hydrating primers for dry skin from Look Fantastic to see what’s available.Primer sprays don’t provide as much help for evening out skin imperfections but are best at creating the tacky tecture that’ll help you makeup last longer. Sprays suit all skin types. Check out these best sprays for a base that stays put from Vogue to find the right one for you.

It’s worth noting that menopause – and ageing in general – can change the nature of your skin, so if a primer you once loved is no longer having the desired effect, don’t be afraid to change it for something else.

If you’re unsure what skin type you have or what product would suit you best, experts recommend seeking advice at the beauty counters of department stores. This way, you can make sure that whatever you buy, your money is well-spent.

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