8 skills you can learn that are useful in nearly every aspect of life

Whether you’re speaking in front of an audience of one, hundreds, or even thousands, being able to speak clearly, persuasively, and effectively is one of the most important skills that anyone can develop.

Many people dread public speaking and assume that it’s a skill that some people are simply born with. While some people may be more natural entertainers, there’s no reason why – with a little perseverance and determination – you can’t develop effective public speaking skills at any stage of life.

Being an effective speaker can help you to sell products, ideas, and, of course, yourself. People are much more likely to believe in you and in the power of what you’re saying if you can articulate yourself well. People with good public speaking skills are generally looked upon as being more comfortable and confident in their own skin, as well as more knowledgeable and passionate about the topic they are addressing.

Developing your public speaking skills usually means stepping outside of your comfort zone, which can be daunting. But in time, many people come to describe it as exhilarating. Some of the experiences that scare us most are the ones that reap the most rewards when we get it right.

If you’re ready to work on your public speaking skills, then you could consider joining Toastmasters International for a one-off fee. It has a network of 16,800 clubs across 143 countries and is one of the most reputable public speaking organisations in the world.

Toastmasters won’t necessarily reduce feelings of nervousness, nor will it diminish the surge of adrenaline you experience before speaking. However, what makes it so effective is the way it allows you to repeatedly practise public speaking in a safe environment.

This will allow you to become more comfortable with those nerves and get used to how you feel when they arrive. Once you can manage your nerves, you’ll hopefully become more confident about speaking clearly in front of an audience – even if underneath your heart is still racing!

Most Toastmasters clubs meet once a week to work through public speaking activities and exercises, as well as to support one another on their public speaking journey. 

If you’d prefer to develop your public speaking skills in your own time, at your own pace, then you could try taking a free public speaking course over at Alison.com. Or you can browse a range of public speaking courses on our site.

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