8 tips on how to break negative habits and develop positive ones

It’s easy to see breaking a negative habit, or developing a new, positive habit, as a journey to becoming a new person entirely. This can sometimes add a lot of pressure to the process, which can hinder your progress.

The reality is that you already have it in you to be someone with the positive habits you want to develop, or someone without the unhelpful habits that you want to drop.

For example, if you’re trying to give up smoking, then it’s a case of returning to being a non-smoker (which you’ll have been at some point in your life), not of becoming a different person. While this is often easier said than done, it can be comforting to remind yourself that you know you can live without certain behaviours, because you’ve done so in the past.

When it comes to forming new, helpful habits, it can be useful to view the process as simply expanding or adding to all the positive habits that you already have – no matter how large or small these are.

For instance, perhaps you find cooking healthy meals from scratch a bit of a chore, but are keen to turn it into a habit. So, rather than thinking that you need to become a new person to be able to achieve this, try to look at all the other positive habits you already engage in daily or weekly.

Perhaps, you’re great at getting up early and getting moving in the morning, or maybe come rain or shine, you’re out twice a day with your dog, making sure he or she gets the exercise that they need. Your current positive habits can hopefully help you to realise that you’re capable of developing a whole host of other positive habits too, without completely changing who you are.

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