8 very different digital skills that you can learn from home

If you want to improve your general IT skills to increase your chances of finding a job or advance your career, it might be a good idea to get a Microsoft Office certification. This means you’ll be able to demonstrate your expertise in Excel, Outlook, Word, and other Microsoft Office applications on your CV or LinkedIn profile.

It’s a great way to let your employer – or potential employer – know that you’re tech savvy. And because today’s world is an increasingly digital one, you’ll probably find many reasons to use your new skills in your personal life, too – whether it’s writing a novel or building a budget spreadsheet.

If it’s just Microsoft Word you’re looking to improve in, LinkedIn offers 30 days free access to their classes, and there are several first-rate Word courses that will soon have you writing, editing and designing documents like a pro.

If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel, a popular data analysis solution, you could have a look at this free 3.5 hour online course with the Corporate Finance Institute. Or, if you want to really get into how it works, there’s a great 12 hour course that’s also free. It comprises of 26 different modules where you’ll learn all the tips, tricks, functions, and formulas that you need to become an Excel expert.

For PowerPoint, there’s a great free course available on Udemy. Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint Made Easy Training Tutorial is a 6-hour course that will help you get familiar with the PowerPoint environment, learn how to create basic presentations, and apply animation. The course will allow you to see each function performed as though an instructor is sitting right there with you.

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