8 ways a career coach can help your professional life

Whether you’re in the market for a new role or looking to thrive in the one you currently hold, one of the most important things you can do is establish a clear personal brand.

Just like with companies, your personal brand is how people perceive you and what separates you from everyone else. It can involve what you wear, what you say, your online presence, your core values and beliefs, and so on.

Take car manufacturers, for example. We associate Mercedes with luxury and high performance, whereas we associate a Toyota with affordability and reliability. The reason for this is that each company has cultivated a clear and consistent brand – and, when it comes to your career, it’s important that you do the same.

Taking into consideration what image you want to portray to the professional world, as well as what image would most benefit your career, a career coach will help you construct your own personal brand and put it into practice.

This might involve small tasks like tweaking your wardrobe to appear more professional and helping you make more eye contact during interviews. Or it could involve larger branding projects such as developing your online presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

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