8 ways to make your home cosy

Your bedding can also have a significant impact on how cosy you feel at home during the winter months – especially when the urge to hibernate is so strong! So, if your sheets are looking a bit old and tired, or your duvet or pillows have lost their lustre, then it could be time to invest in some new bedding.

Our article 7 tips to help you choose the right pillow explores the link between pillow quality, sleep, and health – and is worth a read before you update your pillows. It includes information on how to choose the best pillow for you, based on factors such as sleeping position.

When choosing a duvet, it’s best to first consider how warm you’d like it to be – and whether you’d prefer a year-round duvet or one that you swap for a lighter one come the summer.

Summer duvets are usually 1-7 tog, while 7-9 tog duvets are often described as ‘autumn’ or ‘spring’ duvets. 10.5 tog duvets are seen as the best year-round duvets, and anything above 10.5 is only usually suitable for winter, and may be too warm throughout the rest of the year.

Down and feather-filled duvets are usually the warmest – though synthetic duvets can be best if you suffer from allergies.

For more tips and advice on choosing the right duvet, have a read of this article from the Independent.

Or, if your pillows and duvet are in good condition but you fancy giving your bedroom a fresh look, then you could simply update your sheets. Next have some luxurious duvet covers and sets, as do Wayfair.

If you usually go for neutral-coloured bedding, then you could consider introducing some warmer tones by adding coloured or patterned cushions and throws (which we’ll cover in more detail later).

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