9 activities that are scientifically proven to improve brain health

Before exploring different activities that can boost brain function, it’s important to address the importance of practising an overall healthy lifestyle first. If you want to look after your mind, then you have to take care of your body too. Without this foundation, it’ll be tricky to truly reap any other benefits.

Time and time again, research has shown that people who engage in healthy behaviours – including exercise and proper nutrition – are at lower risk of cognitive decline. This includes being more active during the day, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

This study, which analysed the lifestyle behaviours of men over the course of 30 years, found that those who practised healthy behaviours were around 60% less likely to experience cognitive decline and dementia as they aged.

In addition, research has shown that engaging in just 45 minutes of exercise three times per week actually increases the volume of the brain, helping people to perform significantly better at exercises like planning, scheduling, and multitasking.

You’ll find plenty of healthy lifestyle inspiration in the fitness and exercise, or diet and nutrition sections of our site. From specific exercise guides, to healthy recipe ideas. You can also read more about the link between exercise and brain health in our article How exercise can lead to better brain health.

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