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Learning a language has many benefits, and discovering new cultures and being able to share stories with people in other countries are just the obvious ones. Language learning also helps develop cognitive skills like mental flexibility, multitasking, listening, and problem-solving – and can significantly improve your job prospects too. But without going to a class, how can you pick up an entirely new language?

If you have a smartphone, you could try downloading Duolingo, a free language app where you can learn more than 30 languages – including Latin, for the history buffs among us. You can spend as little as 10 minutes a day practising your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and these bite-sized lessons are seriously effective; you’ll be surprised at how quickly you progress. Lessons are personalised and fun – you can race against the clock and earn points for each correct answer – and you might find yourself becoming somewhat addicted.

For something more in-depth, why not consider signing up to Rosetta Stone? With their interactive program, you can access online lessons, audio stories, and a phrasebook – either on your desktop or on their award-winning app. The first three days are free, and after that, you can choose whether you’d like to commit to a paid subscription for a fixed number of months.

Alternatively, we have a wide selection of free and paid-for courses on the Rest Less website that you can browse below. Because you only take lessons at a time that works for you, it’s a super flexible way to learn a language, and perfect if you’re committed to learning seriously.

We’ve also pulled together a more in-depth read on the benefits of learning a new language, which has further suggestions on how to get started on your language-learning journey. You can also search our site for more language courses. Knowledge Door offers some great ones for beginners in French, Spanish, Italian, and many other languages.

If you’re not sure what language to start learning, why not check out our article 9 most spoken languages that are useful to learn for some ideas?

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