9 fun activities to do with the person you care for

It can be easy to fall into a comfort zone with our food and end up cooking a few of the same meals on repeat.

Research shows that this is particularly true for older generations – especially those who live alone. For example, this study found that almost one million older people in the UK rely on ready meals and convenience foods to keep them fed, with around 38% saying they miss having company at meal times.

So, you could help bring the joy back to meal times by enjoying some new recipes together. If possible, you could also consider preparing a meal together; cooking works as a great bonding experience because it relies heavily on teamwork.

Either way, research has shown that cooking and eating together creates the perfect informal environment to generate conversation and get to know eachother better.

And even if you can’t cook together, studies have also confirmed that humans see the offering and sharing of food as an indication of a warm welcome. So, it’s a great way to strengthen your relationship with the person you’re caring for.

For inspiration on where to start, head over to the food and drink section of our website. Here you’ll find meal ideas from all around the world, including Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and Caribbean.

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