9 healthy ways to embrace ageing

Instead of convincing yourself that the best years of your life have already passed, a great way to add joy and excitement to your life is to focus on any ambitions and plans that you have for the future.

According to research, there are some skills that we only fully develop later on in life. These include our ability to understand other people’s emotions, and to feel properly satisfied and happy with life.

In addition, the older we get, the more life experience that we have to fall back on. The lessons that we learn throughout life often leave us wiser and more sure of what our priorities are and where we want to go.

The opportunities for later life are endless. From career-based goals (perhaps you’re ready for a career change, or would like to dedicate some time to volunteering?), to fitness goals (are you looking to take up a new sport?), and emotional goals (do you want to work towards achieving better emotional balance in your life?) – there’s so much that you can work towards.

Taking some time to think about what you enjoy doing and what you’d like to achieve is a good way to set yourself targets. For example, you might like to spend time visualising your goals, before writing them down. Studies have shown that people are 42% more likely to achieve their goals simply by putting them on paper. Being able to tick achievements off when completed can also help you to feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out the personal stories section of our website. From career changes to relocation, and breathtaking adventures like climbing Mount Fuji and rowing across the Atlantic, here you can read of the many ways that Rest Less members are living their later years to the fullest.

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