9 of the best skiing holidays

If you’re on a budget or you’re a skiing beginner, you might want to think of heading to Bulgaria for a skiing holiday.

Borovets is Bulgaria’s first ski resort, and though it’s not as widely known as its Alpine counterparts (or as big), it’s ideal if you’re looking for a laidback ski trip that won’t break the bank. Plus, with the majestic forest-clad Rila Mountains as a backdrop, it’s utterly beautiful.

There are almost 40 miles of skiing here, spread across three different ski centres (Sitnyakovo Central, Markudjik, and Yastrebets), all of which are linked by lifts.

The wide, tree-lined slopes throughout the resort are perfect for beginners, and there are more than 200 instructors if you’re looking for guidance. Or, if you’re looking for height, Markudjik offers skiing up to 2,550 metres – though the best slopes are mostly in Yastrebets.

Located on the Northern slopes of Rila Mountain at the foot of Mount Moussala (the highest peak in the Balkans), sensational views are all around you at Borovets. The resort is also lively and fun, with plenty of excellent bars, restaurants, and cafes, most of which are very reasonably priced. Plus, there’s a traditional culture here too. So if you’re keen to soak up some authenticity, be sure to check out the folk music and Horo dancing at the local taverns.

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