9 ways to beat tiredness

While drinking more fluids can help beat tiredness, it’s important to be mindful of what exactly you’re drinking. If you drink plenty of coffee, tea, cola, or energy drinks, it’s a good idea to seriously cut down on these – or even better, cut them out completely. However, if you decide to do the latter, it’s usually helpful to reduce your caffeine intake gradually rather than going cold turkey; sudden caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches and affect your mood, so it’s best to take this slowly.

You may feel that without caffeine you’d feel even more tired, but it’s key to remember that caffeine is only a short-term fix to tiredness. Once it’s eliminated from the body, you can experience a caffeine crash, which can make you feel even more tired. When that happens, it’s easy to fall into a caffeine-fueled cycle of tiredness.

If you like having hot drinks, you might want to try caffeine-free herbal teas like peppermint and lemon and ginger, fruit teas, or Rooibos tea – or you can drink the decaffeinated versions of your favourite tea and coffee. Because you’re making sure you’re staying hydrated, you may find these hot drinks help you feel more alert, too.

Try lowering your caffeine intake and reducing the amount of caffeine you ingest each day. Though you may initially feel more tired, in the long-term, it can give you lots more energy. If you really love your morning coffee, you don’t have to cut it out entirely, but you could consider only having one caffeinated drink a day – or a maximum of two. To ensure you’re able to properly wind down in the evening, it’s also helpful to avoid drinking caffeine from mid-afternoon onwards.

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