9 ways to boost testosterone levels in men

While there are many ways to increase testosterone levels naturally, it’s also important to make an appointment with your GP if you think your testosterone levels are low and you’re struggling with symptoms. You can request a male doctor if you’d feel more comfortable with this.

The first thing they will usually arrange is a blood test to confirm that levels are low. If they are, then you might be referred to an endocrinologist, who will run some more tests, and might offer you the option to have testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT is designed to replace the testosterone you are lacking, and get levels back up to a normal level. It’s normally given as a tablet, gel, or patch.

In the past, TRT has been linked to prostate cancer. Though more recent reviews (like this 2015 review, and this one from 2016) have found there is no clear evidence to suggest that TRT will increase the risk of men developing prostate cancer, or that it will worsen prostate cancer in men who have already been diagnosed. There is however, evidence to suggest that TRT can reduce the risk of heart attack in men with heart disease.

If you don’t wish to speak with your NHS GP about low testosterone levels, then you could consider using a private GP through providers like Nuffield Health or Bupa – some of which might be more specialised in testosterone deficiency. Some men might also choose to visit men’s health clinics (though these can be pricey!).

Because of the lack of awareness and understanding of testosterone deficiency, it’s possible that you might not always get the answers you want from your GP the first time round. In this case, although frustrating, it’s important not to give up if you’re struggling with symptoms. Ask to speak to another doctor, or to be referred to an endocrinologist who can investigate further.

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