9 ways to prevent and recover from burnout

As we’ve already established, when someone is burnt out, they often become more cynical and pessimistic, and may experience a sense of helplessness. This can be dangerous because it can discourage them from taking proactive steps to feel better. However, seeking support from your bosses, colleagues, mental health professionals, friends, and family can often be an effective way to begin working towards a solution.

Fostering relationships at work is an effective way to help combat burnout. If you’re struggling with your workload or the number of hours that you’re working, then it’s worth talking to your line manager. Having clear and consistent communication between you and the person you report to will not only help you manage your workload, but it’ll also keep their expectations of you clear and prevent you from becoming burnt out as a result.

Similarly, if you’re self-employed, then one of the best ways to avoid or recover from burnout is to get comfortable with delegating tasks to others, and recognising which tasks can wait.

Letting your friends and family know how you’re feeling can also be a cathartic experience – sometimes just getting something off your chest can make your load seem a lot lighter.

Or, if you’re feeling desperate and need somewhere to turn quickly, then it’s worth getting in touch with a mental health organisation like Samaritans or Silverline. They work round the clock to be there for people who need a listening ear and some friendly support. They’ll also be able to advise you on where to turn next, so you can start feeling like yourself again.

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