A conversation with seasoned solo traveller Jan Clark: “My advice to anyone thinking about it is to just give it a try”

Just You LogoHumans are naturally nomadic and adventurous creatures. In fact, the urge to travel is ingrained in our DNA. For 99% of our history, our ancestors rarely had permanent homes or settlements. Instead, they constantly moved from place to place. So it’s no wonder that nowadays, as many of us live in the same place for most, if not all, of our lives, we have the itch to travel and experience different countries and cultures.

And, for many of us, that wanderlust has only increased since the pandemic has prevented us from setting off on international adventures. So now, as travel restrictions are easing, you might find yourself planning your next trip – and one great possibility to consider is solo travel.

There are many reasons why solo travelling might be an appealing adventure option. For instance, travelling alone is a great way to spend time with and get to know yourself better. It also allows you to go on the trip that you want to, as making travel decisions with your friends and family can often lead to compromise. Plus, it provides you with the perfect opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

However, setting out on a solo adventure can be a daunting prospect. From safety concerns to reservations about whether or not you’ll get lonely, there are a few things that might put you off taking the plunge. 

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with trusted holiday provider Just You, who’ve been offering carefully designed adventures for solo travellers for over 15 years, to bring you this conversation with seasoned adventurer Jan Clark about the magic of solo travel.

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